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The Care For Life Program

Protect your Wealth and Take Care of Your Health for Life!

The Care for Life Program Ad

Designed to grow and protect your wealth

and take care of your health for complete peace of mind!

With America’s elderly population soaring, our nation’s long-term care crisis is becoming more severe and will create an unsustainable demand for long-term care services in the coming years. By 2030 there will be more than 75 million Americans over 65, of which 70% will eventually need some sort of long-term care. The need in Hawaii will be even greater with 1 out of every 4 in Hawaii over 65 by 2025!

Unfortunately only 16% have prepared for it and 91% haven’t even started the discussion with their family and friends. With fewer family caregivers, strained government budgets, and less personal most haven’t saved enough for the average long-term care costs ranging from $50k to $150k!

Our top-rated private-duty home care company coupled with WealthBridge Inc., an award-winning wealth management team that specializes in long-term care planning, has helped over 1000 clients gain peace of mind. We understand the financial, emotional, and mental toll that many families have to deal with, not to mention the time spent.

Ask Us About Our Care for Life ProgramTo solve these important problems, we have launched our “Care for Life Program,” offering those that qualify, compassionate and high quality home care services for life, even if they run out of money! Our combination of bringing our expertise in wealth management and long-term care services uniquely positions us to help ensure that the seniors and their families have peace of mind for the rest of their life and not be a burden to others!

We have also created a Preferred Partner Program, teaming up with top businesses to offer more products and services for you and your family! Each partner has been vetted to make sure they give the best value, service, product, and convenience you deserve!

The Care for Life Program

Wealth and Health Packages
Our “Care for Life Program” uses an optimal combination of your current resources with our Long-Term Care insurance, income, and investments products that can provide*:

  • A Lifetime Extension of Long-Term Care Benefits
  • A Guaranteed tax-free Death Benefit for Your Beneficiaries
  • Guaranteed Tax-Deferred Cash Accumulation
  • Inflation Protection with Automatic Increases of your Long-Term Care and Income benefits, even if you run out of money! 

The great thing is that even if you never have to use it, it will still provide tremendous value! In addition, our in-house tax and legal experts can help put together your estate plan to protect your loved ones, or we can work with your advisors to update your will, medical directives, trusts, or any preference you may have.


*The guarantees for the insurance, income, or investment products described above come from the insurance carriers and investment companies we use, not with WealthBridge Inc. or Home Care Solutions. The guarantees are based on the claims paying ability of each carrier. Please contact us for more information.

Elderly Asian Couple

Janet Nakamura and her family thought that they had planned ahead in case she was unable to care for herself one day. But when they saw the $135,000 yearly bill for a nursing home, their plan was no match for their costs. Even with her Social Security income and insurance policy, she would have to come up with an additional $5,000 a month to cover her care.

She couldn’t qualify for Medicaid because she had more than the $2,000 minimum in assets, and Medicare doesn’t cover long-term care. Like many others, the stunning cost of senior care in Hawaii has put many in a difficult situation. Janet’s family quickly realized she would outlive her savings and would have to rely on family members to take care of her.

This was unfortunately Janet’s worst fear: to become a burden to others. 70% of those over 65 are expected to need some long-term care and costs are increasingly beyond reach. According to Genworth Financial, the cost of staying in a nursing home has increased by double the rate of inflation the last five years.

In Hawaii, one-year in a private room is now $135,050, while one year of care from home-care aides is $58,525. Nakamura has spent at least $300,000 over the last couple of years for care that insurance didn’t cover. The family was surprised at how fast the money went. The money that was supposed to last 10 years was gone in just two.

Costs of Long-Term Care in Hawaii

How can people in Hawaii manage this widening gap between their savings and the high cost of long-term care?Approximately 60% of Americans are close to retirement, but only have a median balance of $104,000 in their retirement accounts.

David S. Chang, CEO and President of Home Care Solutions and Care for Life states “Most families in Hawaii aren’t prepared for long-term care costs. Even though 70% will need long-term care, only 14% believe they
actually need it. Even for those that do have a plan, many are not prepared for the actual costs, especially if a family member has dementia and require more care.”

The fastest growing population segment in Hawaii are those 85 and older. By 2020, 1 out of 5 will be over the age of 65, and by 2025, it will be 1 out of 4. This has serious ramifications for senior-care beds and having enough qualified caregivers.

90% Prefer Aging-in-PlaceFor most, the answer to their problem is “aging-in-place” or the ability to live in their own homes as long as possible. 90% of seniors want to stay in their homes as they age, and 60% have made home improvements to increase their ability to live independently.

Understanding the future trends in home care, Home Care Solutions created the “Care for Life Program”, where those that qualify can get top-notch care for life, even if they run out of money. Through certain long-term care insurance, income, and investment products, coupled with smart planning and funding strategies, our Wealth & Health Care Packages help anyone leverage their existing resources to last longer for care” Chang said.

Even those with limited assets can benefit from the Wealth & Health Care Packages. Home Care Solutions can help seniors and their families with the different levels of care, social and care giving support, maximizing their finances, to live safe and healthy lives by making SMART care choices.

“We send highly trained nurses’ aides under the supervision of Registered Nurses to provide care at a fraction of nursing home costs. We advise families on how they can improve their homes for better care and independence. We also have in-house experts with financial, tax, and estate planning to help families put together a long-term care plan that will last.”

After coming back home, Janet Nakamura’s family took advantage of Home Care Solutions “Wealth and Health Care Package”, giving the high-quality care Janet deserved in a familiar environment. “We wish we did this sooner,” the family stated. “Her memory has improved despite her dementia and she seems much more happier and alert. On top of that we have the peace of mind that she won’t outlive her savings. We get to keep her final wish that she not be a burden to anyone.”

Chang continues, “Our company is built around our slogan ‘Compassion for People. Passion for Care.’ We aim to protect the wealth and the health of our clients, giving them and their families peace of mind. If anyone is worried about this widening gap, they should call us and schedule a complimentary review to see what is best for them!”

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