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Preferred Partners Program

Home Care Solutions is committed to helping our clients take care and protect their wealth and their health. Through our Preferred Partner Program, we are able to offer more products and services for you and your family! Each partner (some of which are under common ownership with Home Care Solutions) has been vetted and we wholeheartedly recommend them. Please feel free to contact them to see if they are a good fit for you.

Ask about our “Care for Life” Program, and our “Wealth & Health Care Packages” and get a complimentary Wealth & Health Assessment. Our Preferred Partners offer a free consultation, so schedule yours today by calling 808-524-CARE or email us at info@homecaresolutionshawaii.com

Contact us to see if you qualify for our “Care for Life” program, offering care for life, even if you run out of money to fund your care! We also are able to help you set aside assets to help with living costs that won’t count against your Medicare eligibility. Our partners offer a free consultation, so schedule yours today by calling 808-524-CARE or info@homecaresolutionshawaii.com.

Wealth Management, Investment, and Financial Planning Services

WealthBridge Inc. is an award-winning wealth management firm, recently selected as InvestmentsNews’ Top 40 Under 40 Financial Professionals and selected as Five-Star Wealth Manager, given to the top 4% of advisors in Hawaii, 5 years in a row. WealthBridge Inc. can give you the financial peace of mind in providing care, while reaching your goals to maintain and grow your wealth.

Long-Term Care, Disability, and Life Insurance Products

We can help protect your hard-earned money, provide for your family and beneficiaries, and leverage your resources to make it last longer, all while leaving a lasting legacy! Through the financial planning process, WealthBridge Inc. will help protect your assets and plan for long-term care. Their portfolio of long-term care products can provide tremendous value and tax-advantages, even if care is never needed!


Tax Planning, Accounting, and Bookkeeping Services

Our in-house CPA and accounting professionals can help you employ effective tax strategies, so you can have more money to save and invest, or more money to spend. Or do both, you decide! Whether it is managing your personal, small business, non-profit, or trust and estate taxes, our experienced team can help get your books and finances in order.


Estate Planning and Legal Services

Studies show that a majority are not prepared from an estate planning standpoint. Our in-house attorney can help you make sure your money goes to the right place, minimize tax issues, and protect your beneficiaries. Through the creation of trusts, wills, medical directives, and powers of attorney, you can make sure your decisions and legacy is maintained!


Estate Planning and Legal Services

Law Office of John T. Hyatt


Real Estate Sales, Development, and Property Management Services

WealthBridge Real Estate is a real estate development company providing commercial and residential real estate for the betterment of the community by developing, acquiring, and retaining a portfolio of properties. WealthBridge Real Estate has been involved in large multi-million dollar real estate developments, working with well-trained real estate professionals who continually strive to provide top quality service for their individual and business clients. WealthBridge Real Estate also has extensive experience in property management, construction, renovation, and remodeling as well as U.S. federal government contracts. 

Real Estate and Senior Moving Specialists

Downsizing and moving can be stressful, which is why our preferred partners specialize in retirement community and care home move-ins, removing unwanted items, setting up your new home to fit your needs, selling your home and much more!

Senior Move Managers

Securities-Backed Lending

Through our partnership with WealthBridge Inc., you can borrow using eligible investments as collateral, so you can get money you need today without selling investments or disrupting your investment portfolio. Best of all, there are no additional fees or costs!

Securities Backed Lending

Physical and Massage Therapy

Improve your home safety and independence by increasing your strength and mobility while decreasing your pain. Customized rehabilitation programs for clients with total joint replacements, stroke, weakness, and balance problems, so you can achieve maximum recovery effectively.

Security and Monitoring Services

Security and Monitoring Service

Protecting and Monitoring your home, business, and loved ones is important. Through our partnership with CamSecurity, we can offer the right combinations of equipment and services for your needs. You will even be able to monitor the care for your loved one at any time and anyplace from your mobile device or computer!!

Cam Security

Delicious and Nutritious Meals

Through our partnership with FreshBox, we can plan, shop, portion, and deliver healthy and tasty meals straight to your home! This saves time and money. The healthy gourmet meals consist of farm fresh ingredients with recipes you can learn make in your own kitchen, or have our team make them for you! 

Fresh Box

Vacation Care Packages

Our highly trained team can accompany you or your loved one so you can enjoy the vacation or traveling you or your loved one deserve! We also work with our preferred partners to offer you vacation package deals in conjunction with our home care services!

ADA Compliant Remodeling Services

We are able to offer a variety of remodeling services to meet your needs as you and your loved ones go through life’s stages. Through our preferred partners and the expertise of our healthcare professionals, we can bring personalized home improvements to live safely and comfortably at home for years to come!


Medical Supplies and Equipment, Consumer Electronics and Products, and Environmentally Friendly Green Products

As a part of our program, you and your family will have access to premium products, to make life easier, more convenient, and enjoyable! This includes flowers and leis from Beretania Florist (beretaniaflorist.com)!